Marine Life Video Tapes

Coralrealm is pleased to offer professionally edited video tapes by some of the best underwater videographers. These tapes feature exotic and beautiful marine life filmed on location such as Indonesia, Cocos Island and the Pacific Northwest.

Beneath a Tranquil Sea
By uw videographer Ray Izumi

About the Tape:
Beneath A Tranquil Sea is the perfect introduction to the marvelous diversity of life found in the cold waters of the Pacific Northwest. Filmed and edited entirely in digital video format, the footage shows the underwater world in a startling color and clarity that will delight even the most experienced diver!

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Lembeh Strait
Underwater Critters

By uw videographer Bruce Robison

About the Tape:
Northeastern Sulawesi in Indonesia has some of the most unusual marine life in the world. From Flamboyant Cuttlefish, Emperor Shrimp, Mimic Octopus, Ambon Scorpion Fish, Hairy Frogfish to Star Gazers, the bottom is alive with strange and wonderful creatures.

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Coming to the Cocos
By uw videographer Steve Douglas

About the Tape:
Explore the far-off island of Costa Rica. Join noted videographer Steve Douglas as he brings to you exhilarating images of magnificent whale sharks, gentle turtles, a plethora of schooling hammerheads, white and silver tip sharks as well as an entire spectrum of marine life.

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