Critter Hunt - Rare and Exotic Marine Life

The amazing flamboyant cuttlefish actually uses modified fins and tentacles to walk over the sea floor. Photo by Janine Cairns-Michael
There are a guild of divers that call themselves "critter hunters." These individuals go to locations in the Indo-Pacific and Caribbean in search of unusual invertebrates and fishes (which are endearingly referred to as "critters"). This group contains species that are unusual in form and/or behavior. Some are diminutive in size and/or live in association with other marine animals. Some are down right ugly, while others are stunning in appearance. Some are venomous, others are harmless. In CoralRealm's Critter Hunt we will take a look at some of these special marine creatures.

How to Become
a great "Critter Hunter"

Long-time divers and diving enthusiasts delight in the discovery of the biggest, the smallest, the most cryptic, or the rarest marine creatures. Learn what it take to become a great "Critter Hunter".
Rhinopias Slide Show
The Rhinopias are highly sought after by underwater photographers. This amazing photo essay includes 24 spectacular photos showing different species and color forms, along with informative text. This is a must see!
Frogfish The Ultimate Frogfish Guide!
Frogfishes are some of the most bizarre and spectacular of all the reef fishes, having fascinated ichthyophiles for centuries. Purveyors of the rare and unusual travel to distant parts of the world to see and photograph them. That's why we've created The Ultimate Frogfish Guide!
Ambon Scorpionfish Ambon Scorpionfish
Learn about the biology, where to find, and how to photograph this unusual cousin of the Rhinopias. Includes 13 spectacular photographs!
The Flamboyant Cuttlefish
The most comprehensive treatise on this magnificent animal anywhere! Includes 18 enlargeable, underwater photos of flamboyants of different sizes and colors. If you like cuttlefish you won't want to miss this feature article!
The Rhinopias!
Is it something from outerspace? You won't believe such fascinating fish exist! 16 fabulous photographs and comprehensive information explain the features and behaviors of this incredible genus, Rhinopias.
The Humpbacks
The humpbacked scorpionfishes are regularly encountered by divers in the Indo-Pacific. Learn more about these common, venomous critters through text, illustrations and a beautiful photo gallery.
Speak of the Devil!
The Inimicus are commonly referred to by colorful names like sea goblins, bearded ghouls, demon stingers and devilfishes. This extensive article is illustrated with numerous photos, including a photo gallery of 16 enlargeable shots showing devilfish color variants that will make you weak in the knees!
Coldwater Critters
Temperate waters can also be a great place to hunt for and find rare and unusual marine life. The Edithburg Pier in South Australia is a prime hunting ground.
Tulamben Critter Hunt
If you're the kind of diver who enjoys hunting for rare and unusual marine life, Tulamben should be on the top of your "to dive" list.
Aussie Anglers
While most divers think of tropical waters as the best frogfish hunting grounds, there are some amazing species on rocky reefs and pier pilings in South Australa. Learn about 5 species common to the Edithburg area.
Behold The Hairy One!
What is the hairy frogfish? Why is it hairy? When and where are you likely to encounter this beast? You will never see so many frogfish photos in a single place!
Frogfishes: Anglers of the Reef
The Creator has equipped his subjects with a variety of anatomical and behavioral features to aid them in capturing prey. Lionfishes, groupers, barracudas and sharks all come to mind as reef fishes "blessed" with predatory talent. The frogfishes, however, have to be the most gifted predators on the reef.
The Mantis Shrimp
Learn about the natural history of the amazing mantis shrimps. View rare photos showing egg care, commensal relationships and beautifully colored mantis shrimps. Discover the 10 best places to go to observe mantis shrimps and learn mantis observation tips.

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