The Galapagos Islands were known as "The Enchanted Islands" by early explorers. Today, this archipelago, 600 miles west of Ecuador, is just as magical and bewitching! The Galapagos Islands were established as a Reserve of Marine Resources in 1986 and declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in December 2001. Today, divers from around the world travel here for encounters with schooling hammerheads and whale sharks. But these islands offers so much more! This guide was designed to provide you with an introduction to the amazing natural wonders found at a destination where the unexpected is to be expected.

Articles by Terri Parson

Magic & mystery
Learn more about the islands
Volcanic islands, marine iguanas, giant tortoise, and penguins -- at the equator?
Start here to learn about this fascinating dive destination.
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Learn how to pick a great liveaboard
Six steps: Finding a liveaboard that matches your personal diving and accommodation preferences.
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Click here to learn more about the Peter Hughes Sky Dancer Live-aboard.

Special Features:
Galapagos Islands Tour Tour (virtually) through the islands aboard the Sky Dancer to learn about the diving, marine life and geophysical features of this unique marine reserve.
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Plunge into the waters around Wolf Island on this virtual dive that includes sharks, rays and endemic marine life.
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Wolf Island Virtual Dive
Hammerhead Shark Guide
A complete guide to hammerhead sharks. more....
Photo Galleries! 125+ Galapagos Images View a collection of more than 125 photos of Galapagos marine life, wildlife and scenery.
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Endemic Fish

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