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Written and compiled by Scott W. Michael

This is where you will find cutting-edge information on marine life. Our field notes section is made up of short papers on reef fish and invertebrate behavior, recently described species as well as new places to go to see these cool critters. We also introduce you to the rare, unusual, and some readily overlooked coral reef dwellers. If you are looking for the latest marine life tidbits, you will want to hang out here!

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Stargazer Feeding Behavior
Check out the latest field note from CoralRealm correspondent Constantinos Petrinos on strange stargazer feeding behavior.
Published 5/12/2003 CRU Course No
Critter Hunt Update
Famous underwater photographer, Constantinos Pterinos, gives us his latest field report from one of the best critter hunting locations in the world! Topics include the Banggai cardinalfish, cone shell hunting, snake eel feeding, cool nudibranch sightings and encounters with manta rays!
Published 3/20/2003 CRU Course No
Lembeh Update
Constantinos Speaks

Author and photographer Constantinos Petrinos gives us another "live" update on critter hunting in Lembeh Strait. Read about his latest finds at this "Macro-Mecca."
Published 3/1/2003 CRU Course No
Lembeh Update - Rhinopias frondosa
Author and photographer Constantions Petrinos gives us "live" updates on the citter hunting in Lembeh Strait. Read about the latest finds in this, the macro-Mecca. Includes a photo of the latest Rhinopias found in the Strait!
Published 2/24/2003 CRU Course No
The Whitebarred Wrasse
There are many beautiful wrasses on the coral reefs of the world, but few can rival the beauty of Pseudocheilinus ocellatus. This recently described species is looked at in detail. View many photos of this rare fish.
Published 2/18/2003 CRU Course No
The Juvenile Harlequin Sweetlips
Is it a Mimic?

Many Indo-Pacific divers are familiar with the juvenile harlequin sweetlips. But do you know why it looks and behaves like it does? Find out what the experts think in this article. Includes video of the unusal swimming behavior!
Published 1/15/2003 CRU Course No
Velvety Ghost Pipefish
How many species of ghost pipefishes are there? In this installment of Field Notes, you will learn how to identify and where to find several undescribed species. The article includes numerous photos!
Published 7/9/2002 CRU Course No
Sea Slug Orgy
Sea slugs are amazing, beautiful animals that are very popular with most divers. Learn about the unusual reproductive behavior of one slug species in this installment of Field Notes!
Published 6/10/2002 CRU Course No
Mandarin Spawning Behavior
Little is known about the life history of the mandarin fish. Learn about its spawning behavior and see photos of individuals "caught in the act" in this article!
Published 6/3/2002 CRU Course No
The Pom-pom Frogfish - A New Species?
Is there a new species of frogfish lurking in the waters of Secret Bay, Bali? We will investigate this question in this installment of Field Notes.
Published 5/27/2002 CRU Course No
Randall's Frogfish
If you have a frogfish fetish like the author, you will not want to miss this one. Learn about this rarely seen little frogfish from the western Pacific. Includes photos!
Published 5/20/2002 CRU Course No
The Bluestripe Angelfish
(Chaetodontoplus septentrionalis)

The author shares his observations he made on the biology of this species off of Osezaki, Japan. Also includes photos showing color changes and odd color form.
Published 5/13/2002 CRU Course No
Spikefin Goby (Discordipinna griessingeri)
Learn about one of the most beautiful and dainty of all the gobies. Includes information on where to go and find it and how to photograph it.
Published 5/6/2002 CRU Course No
Samaris cristatus - A Bizzare Flatfish
The cockatoo flounder is an odd species that is being encountered by more muck divers. Learn about its behavior and where you can go to find one!
Published 4/29/2002 CRU Course No
Snake Eel-Anemone Shrimp Association
There is a snake eel whose snout often serves as a perch for the magnificent anemone shrimp. Learn what the function of this mysterious relationship might be.
Published 4/22/2002 CRU Course No