a narrated photo essay

The "King of the Critters," Rhinopias frondosa, is a favorite with those divers looking for the rare and unsual.
Photo by Roger Steene

In this Rhinopias slide show you will see some wonderful photos of Rhinopias from a number of different sites in the western Pacific. This includes a wonderful series of R. aphanes shots provided by accomplished photographer Mary Jane Adams.

Mary Jane has been to Papua New Guinea dozens of times and has seen scores of Rhinopias! She has graciously agreed to share some of her wonderful photos with CoralRealm members.

Also in this slide presentation, you will see photos of some other members of the genus, including color variants of R. frondosa, R. eschmeyeri and R. xenops. Along with the photos we will share natural history tidbits that any Rhinopias aficionado should appreciate!

The Rhinopias slide show interface should be open and ready in another browser window. Click on the "right" arrow in the navigation control center below and to the right to begin. To return to a previous spot, click the "left" button. When you are ready to quit click the surface button. If you don't see the slide show interface, Click Here to launch it.

So sit back, and get ready to experience the wonder that is Rhinopias!

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