Reef Fish Classification Articles

See how scientists have catalogued fish families found on coral reefs and how to tell who is who.

Pygmy Angelfish "Mutts"
Did you know that some pygmy angelfishes interbreed? In this CoralRealm feature article, we'll take a close look at these angel "mutts." It includes numerous photos and a table of those species known to hybridize.
Anthias Anthias Explosion
A Photographic Survey

The members of the subfamily Anthiinae would be considered by many to be the most beautiful fishes found on coral reefs. Check out this amazing article featuring a photo gallery with 26 incredible images!
The Freckled Moray
(Gymnothorax chlamydatus)

In this article we'll examine a moray that is occasionally encountered by divers in the Western Pacific. It is one of a clan of banded morays, known as the reticularis group. Learn about how to tell it apart from other similarly colored morays, and about its unusual way of life.
Those Fabulous Flashers!
Wrasses of the genus Paracheilinus

An examination of this amazing genus of reef fishes. Our coverage includes information on and photos of most of the 13 known species of flashers. There is also a narrated slide show that includes 35 of the best photos ever taken of members of the genus Paracheilinus.
Velvety or Smooth Ghost Pipefish Ghost Pipefishes: A Classification Riddle
This feature article examines the current taxonomic status of the ghost pipefish family. It includes descriptions of all the known species (both described and undescribed), along with photos of each with notes on their biology. It is one of the most comprehensive treatise you'll find on these fishes anywhere!
Chaetodontoplus Angelfishes
Take a closer look at one of the most beautiful groups of angelfishes. Our coverage includes numerous photos, showing both common and rare members of this group. There are also links to the species profiles of the Chaetodontoplus spp we have in our Fish Encyclopedia.
The Golden Varieties of the Eightbanded Butterflyfish (Chaetodon octofasciatus)
The eightbanded butterflyfish displays several different color forms. In this intensive article, Hiroyuki Tanaka examines the golden color varieties.
The Oman Butterflyfish -
Ichthyological Adventure in the Bay of Hashish.

This feature article presents John Hoover's account of collecting the Oman butterflyfish along the infrequently explored shores of the Sultanate of Oman.
Diving for New Species off Bali, Indonesia
In this two part feature article, CoralRealm advisor Dr. John Randall details his diving experiences on the Island of Bali, Indonesia. The article includes a map of Bali's top diving areas, descriptions of some of the marine organisms likely to be encountered at these sites, and photographs of some undescribed species that Dr. Randall found on his Bali adventures.
Color Variation in the Queensland Yellowtail Angelfish (Chaetodontoplus meridithi).
In this article we'll examine the various color forms of the Queensland yellowtail angelfish and compare these variants to its Western Australia counterpart, the personifer angelfish (Chaetodontoplus personifer).