Reef Fish Feeding Articles

Learn about all the different foods eaten by reef fishes and some of the fascinating behaviors they employ to capture their prey.

Reef Fish Feeding Behaviors
Reef fishes feed on a variety of different organisms. Many employ different tactics to effectively exploit plants and animals. In this CoralRealm guide, we will examine the food habits and feeding behavior of coral reef bony fishes. This includes expansive text as well as numerous photos. In this, the first installment, we will examine the different reef fish food habit categories.
Butterflyfish Food Butterflyfish Feeding Habits
The butterflyfishes are some of the most conspicuous of all reef fishes. They exhibit a variety of interesting feeding modes, which we will examine in detail in this multi-piece CoralRealm feature article. Includes numerous photos and more than 80 species profiles!
reef fish that lure Angling for Dinner -
Reef Fishes that Lure

Have you heard about the eel that has a lure on its tongue? Learn about this species and some of the other lesser-known luring reef fishes in this article.
angelfish feeding Angel Food!
Learn about the food habits and feeding behavior of these heavenly fishes in this slide show. This includes a detailed look at what and how they eat, as well as info on their feeding anatomy. This course includes 31 amazing photos of angelfishes and their food!
clown frogfish Gone Fishing!
The frogfishes are well-known for their angling behavior. But few observations have been made on their luring behavior in the wild. Until now! Check out these exciting new discoveries and see photos documenting their unusual hunting methods.
cleaner fishes Cleaner Fishes
Why do fish clean? Who cleans who? Are cleaner fishes ever eaten by predators? Find the answers to these and other questions in our article on the private lives of cleaner fishes.
feeding associations Hunting Partners
Predatory fishes employ a number of different strategies to outwit their quarry. Discover how certain fishes take advantage of, or cooperate with their neighbors to capture their prey.
frogfish color forms Chromatic Chaos: Color Forms of the Longlure Frogfish (Antennarius multiocellatus)
The chromatic variety of frogfishes seems almost infinite. In this article we examine the many color forms of the most common Caribbean frogfish.