Reef Fish Ecology Articles

Discover details on the distribution, habitat preferences, symbiotic associations and habits of reef fishes.

Antipredation Behavior
of Reef Fishes

Many reef fishes spend a considerable amount of time and energy trying to avoid being eaten. In this series of articles, we will look at the antipredation strategies and tactics employed by fishes to avoid their piscine neighbors.
Coral Reefs
Nature's Richest Realm

Coral reefs are truly nature's richest realm. Join scientific pioneer Dr. Walter Starck as he describes the complexity of coral reefs and enjoy photos by Roger Steene.
Reef Types
Have you ever wondered how a bank reef differs from a platform reef? Reefs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. In this article you will learn about different types of coral reefs and some of the invertebrates and fishes that inhabit them.
Reef Zones and Habitats
The coral reef is comprised of a variety of different zones and habitats, which are utilized by different marine organisms. In this article, we will look at these different parts of the reef.
Sand Tilefish Mounds
Sand tilefish create extensive mounds in which to refuge. Check out the other fish species that share these rubble mounds.
The Regal Angelfish
The regal angelfish is one of the most beautiful of all the reef fishes! Learn about the biology and color variants of this most regal of angels! Amazing photos included!
Izu Morays
The Izu Peninsula is very popular with Japanese divers, and for good reason -- it is home to many unusual fishes, including some amazing morays. If you're a moray buff, don't miss this photo-packed feature article!
Garden Eels Garden Eels - Dwellers of the Undersea Desert
Take a look at this interesting and shy subfamily of fishes that live in the sandy expanses adjacent to the coral reef. Learn about their behavioral ecology through descriptive text and photos.
Brazilian Angelfish Brazilian Oceanic Island Fishes
Brazilian islands harbor a considerable number of endemic species. Take a descriptive and photographic tour of these isolated islands and learn about the unique marine species that reside here!
Mandarins Mandarin Mania!
Some of the most ornately colored fishes in the ocean occur in the the dragonet family. While most of the dragonets are "chromatically challenged," others are highly sought after by underwater photographers.
Pseudanthias squamipinnis The Lyretail Anthias
The lyretail anthias is one of the most wide-ranging members of the subfamily Anthiinae. The article includes 12 beautiful photographs taken by professional photographers Roger Steene and Scott W. Michael.
Swallowtail Angelfishes
There is always a black sheep in the family! This definition would surely apply to the very unusual angelfish in the genus Genicanthus. Learn about these unique angels and see photos of some rare species.
Pseudochromis steenei A "Deadly" Dottyback
Read about a the meanest of all reef fishes. This feature article includes information on disposition, similar species, and habitat preferences. PLUS photos of some rare, related species.
The Snake Pit - A look at Snake eels
In this feature article we examine the evil-looking snake eels. We will tell you the best places to find them, how to photograph them, and how to tell the various species apart.
Ribbon Eel Rhapsody
The ribbon eel (Rhinomuraena quaesita) is a beautiful moray with a very unique lifestyle. Learn about this fascinating species, including where you are most likely to find it, and how you can best photograph it.
Yellowhead Jawfish The Yellowhead Jawfish
This jawfish is commonly encountered by divers in the Caribbean. But few people are familiar with the secret lives of these fascinating fish. Find out all you'll ever need to know in this article!
The Leaf Scorpionfish - King of Crypsis
Learn how the leaf scorpionfish use camouflage or "crypsis" to to get close to their prey and to avoid being eaten.
Marine Life of Lembeh Strait, North Sulawesi
Learn about the habitats and inhabitants of Lembeh Strait.
Frogfishes: Anglers of the Reef
Learn about the predatory prowess of this family of odd balls.
The Fishes of Pitcairn & Easter Islands
Looking for somewhere with a peculiar reef fish fauna? Learn more about these fascinating islands and their unique fish species.
Anemonefishes & Sea Anemones
Probably one of the best known symbiotic relationships on the coral reef occurs between anemonefishes and the plant-like animals known as sea anemones. Learn more about their unusual partnership in this article.
Odd Couples: Snapping Shrimps & Shrimp Gobies
There are wonderful symbiotic relationships on the reef. Perhaps the most interesting of these is the partnership between certain gobies and snapping shrimp. Discover the secrets of these unlikely burrow-mates.
Anthias and Social Mimicry
The old adage, "there is safety in numbers" is often true. Especially in the coral reef fish community. Learn about how certain anthias use mimicry to reduce the chances they will be eaten.