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Aussie Anglers -
Frogfishes of South Australia

Smooth Frogfish
The smooth frogfish is one of the more common species in South Australia, but it can be difficult to find. Note the unusual lure that looks like a small amphipod. Photo by Scott W. Michael

While most divers think of tropical waters as the best frogfish hunting grounds, there are some amazing species on rocky reefs and pier pilings in South Australa. There are five species of frogfish (called anglerfishes by the locals) in the Edithburg area. Four of these are regularly seen if you hunt four them. They tend to be rather secretive, spending their time among encrusting invertebrates or under benthic debris. If you are going to have any luck seeing the various species, you will have to be prepared to do some "junk" flipping.

If you have an frogfish fetish like I do, you will want to check out the photos and great information available in this article on Aussie Anglers!

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