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Allen's Clown Blenny (Ecenius alleni)
The Clown Blennies (genus Ecsenius)

There are many fishes on the reef that can bring a smile to the face of a human observer. But few have as comical a countenance as the blennies. This is a large family, with approximately 345 members - many of these species live in coral reef environments.

Members of the genus Ecsenius are often encountered by divers on reefs in the Indo-Pacific. They are smaller reef inhabitants and are often overlooked by the casual observer. We hope that by making them a featured genus, more divers will keep an eye out for these comical little fishes on their next dive trip. If you are a member of Coral Realm, you will be able to view enlargeable photos and descriptions of 28 different species of clown blennies. Happy blenny hunting!

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