A guide to anemonefish and their sea anemone hosts
The amazing relationship that exist between the anemonefishes and sea anemones has been the subject of much speculation for decades. In fact, the association between the anemonefish and its host was originally described in the late 19th century. In a note published in 1869, entitled "Notes on the friendship existing between the Malacopterygian fish Premnas biaculeatus and the Actinia crassicornis," Lieutenant C.C. De Crespigny describes the association between the anemonefish and its invertebrate partner. Since that time, many photographers and aquarists have been mystified by this interesting relationship. This summer the anemonefishes took front and center stage in the very popular movie Finding Nemo.

In this Anemonefish Guide, we will thoroughly investigate the biology and behavior of the anemonefishes and their sea anemone hosts. The guide includes dozens of photos of anemonefish and their hosts. If you really want to Know Nemo, you have come to the right place!

Articles and photos by
Scott W. Michael and Janine Cairns-Michael

An Odd Couple
Anemonefishes and their hosts
Learn about the interactions that occur between these two very different organisms and how the relationship benefits the fish. Includes info about host dependency, "bathing" and "snuggling."
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to a Host

Acclimating to the sea anemone
Learn how anemonefishes find and acclimate to their sea anemone hosts and why some fishes are more selective about who they live with.
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The Hosts Sea Anemones Learn about the characteristics and biology of the sea anemones that associate with anemonefishes.
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Anenomefish species

Special Features:
Prey, predators and parasites Prey, Predators
and Parasites

Examine the dietary habits of the anemonefishes. Also find out who their enemies are!
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Benefits to the
Sea Anemone

Are their any advantages to living with a fish? Learn about the benefits to the sea anemone here.
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Benefits to the Sea Anemone
Anemonefish Reproduction Sex Life of the Anemonefish
Learn about anemonefish sex change, spawning behavior, egg defense and lots more!
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Photo Gallleries

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Sea Anemone
Photo Gallleries

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Social Behavior
Anemonefish Social Behavior Learn about the social lives of these fishes, including info about aggressive behaviors, pecking orders and sound production.
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Other Symbionts Other Sea Anemone Symbionts Learn about the invertebrates and other fishes that associate with sea anemones.
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