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Welcome to the most exhaustive reef fish resource on the web! In this "virtual laboratory" you'll find a wealth of information on topics related to the behavior, ecology and biology of reef fishes. By spending time in the lab you'll become an improved fish watcher and gain a better appreciation of the marvelous coral reef ecosystem and its most exquisite inhabitants, the fishes.

If you have suggestions for Reef Fish Lab topics, just use our Talk To Us form to send us your ideas. We will happily consider them for future additions to the CoralRealm Reef Fish Lab.

Do you know what a gas bladder is?

What reef fishes eat the dreaded crown-of-thorns sea star?

Do you know what a "sneaker" and a "streaker" are?

Learn what habitat your favorite reef fish prefers?

Mandarins Ecology     GO to Articles
Discover details on the distribution, habitat preferences, symbiotic associations and habits of reef fishes.
Anthias Classification     GO to Articles
See how scientists have catalogued fish families found on coral reefs and how to tell who is who.
Featured Species    GO to Articles
Get in-depth information on specific species in these featured genera feature articles and species guides.
Feeding     GO to Articles
Learn about all the different foods eaten by reef fishes and some of the fascinating behaviors they employ to capture their prey.
Cardinalfish egg incubation Reproduction     GO to Articles
Get the latest info on reef fish sex, including the zany, and somewhat kinky, reproductive systems of some of these amazing creatures.
Marine Life Notes Field Notes     GO to Articles
This is where you will find cutting-edge information on marine life. Our field notes section is made up of short papers on reef fish and invertebrate behavior, recently described species as well as new places to go to see these cool critters.