Destination Designer Preference Generator

Step One: Determine your own, unique dive vacation preferences.

Listed below are a variety of factors that create a person's unique dive vacation profile. These factors include: marine life, type of diving, diving conditions and location features. A box with a drop down menu is located to the right of each factor under a main heading.

Rate each factor

Position your mouse on the arrow and click. You'll see a drop-down menu with numbers ranging from 1 through 5. Choose a number that best represents the value (or importance) you place on that particular factor. A value of "1" indicates you are not interested or it isn't important. A value of "5" means the factor is critical to you. Study the rating system provided below for an explanation of each value. Then rate each factor. You can click the marine life category names for descriptions of each.

1 = No value or importance.
2 = Very little value or importance
3 = I'd enjoy having it but it wouldn't ruin my experience
      if it isn't available.
4 = I would like it. If it weren't available, I'd miss it.
5 = I must have it! It is essential to the success of the trip.

Please Note:There are very few (if any) dive destinations that have it all. So when you're rating your preferences, remember that rating all factors a "4" or "5" will probably result in only a few matches. Limit your "4" and "5" ratings to one or two critical factors under each heading and you'll increase the number of destination matches.

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My Preferences:

Marine Life
Reef Fishes
Stony Corals
Soft Corals
Rare Critters

Type of Diving
Shore Diving
Wall Diving
Night Dives
Drift Dives
Critter Hunts

Diving Conditions
Current Tolerance
Water Temp

Location Features
Travel Time
Trip Cost
Crime & Safety
Health Hazards
Chamber Proximity
Language Barrier

Step Two: Click on button provided below.

When you click on the button below, The CoralRealm Dive Destination Designer provides a bar graph of your preference ratings. It also compares your ratings to the aggregate ratings of other divers. This information is displayed next to your personal ratings.