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The Demoiselles - Reef Gems
The demoiselles (genus Chrysiptera) are among the most beautiful of all the damselfishes. It also contains some of the smallest and most overlooked pomacentrids. This Pictorial Profile examines most of the species in this genus. Includes 17 photos! GO!

Clown Blennies
There are many fishes on the reef that can bring a smile to the face of a human observer. But few have as comical a countenance as the blennies. GO!

Antipredation Behavior
of Reef Fishes

Many reef fishes spend a considerable amount of time and energy trying to avoid being eaten. In this series of articles, we will look at the antipredation strategies and tactics employed by fishes to avoid their piscine neighbors. GO!

Nudi Falls Virtual Dive
Make a "Virtual Dive" on one of Lembeh's most popular dive sites -- Nudie Falls. A narrated journey with 21 photos. GO!

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Crusty Cleaners - Crustaceans that clean fish
Did you know there are shrimps in the "cleaning business"? This interesting feature article details the cleaning behavior of many types of shrimps. Included is a photo gallery with information on biology and behavior. GO!

Deepsea Sharks
Command the CoralRealm submersible on a mission to investigate deepsea sharks. Loads of information on biology and numerous photos. Some of the weirdest sharks in the sea! No experience necessary! GO!

Dazzling Dottybacks
Although often overlooked because of their small size, the dottybacks are some of the most colorful and interesting fishes on Indo-Pacific coral reefs. Learn more about them here!