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  We have more than 60 Quicktime™ format video clips of sharks, rays, reef fish, invertebrates and rare marine life.

If static pictures of sharks, rays, reef fish, invertebrates and marine critters aren't enough to satisfy your senses then view one of our marine life video clips. We admit it isn't as great as being on a dive and observing things firsthand but it might be a next best thing.

If you really want to maximize your viewing experience (and you're a little crazy), wear your mask and snorkel. Just click on the QuickTime™ play button and move in close to your computer monitor. (We recommend you do this step in private!)

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Shark Video Clips
Shark Videos We've got an impressive collection of shark clips including schooling hammerheads, bonnetheads, whitetips feeding and caribbean reef sharks. High quality footage from top shark destinations like Cocos Island, the Revillagigedo Archipelago and Bloody Bay Wall.
Mantas and Other Ray Video Clips
Looking for Manta Rays? You won't find a better collection of great manta ray clips anywhere. More than 10 clips of giant manta rays and eagle rays shot at ray watching destinations like Cocos Island, the Revillagigedo Archipelago and Bloody Bay Wall.
Reef Fish Video Clips
Reef Fish Videos We've got an unique collection of video clips showing a variety of reef fish behaviors. Watch a frogfish use a "built-in" fishing pole to lure for a lunch. View a large titan triggerfish munching on a starfish or a banded sea snake hunting for a dinner.
Invertebrate and Rare Critter Video Clips
Rare Critter Video Clips Watch a flamboyant cuttlefish snatch a meal or a frogfish "gallop" across the bottom. How about a weird mantis shrimp cleaning his burrow? It's all here for you in the CoralRealm invertebrate and rare critter video Library.
Marine Life Videos for Sale
Beneath a Tranquil Sea
VHS/S-VHRS Video Tape

By uw videographer Ray Izumi

About the Tape:
Beneath A Tranquil Sea is the perfect introduction to the marvelous diversity of life found in the cold waters of the Pacific Northwest. Filmed and edited entirely in digital video format, the footage shows the underwater world in a startling color and clarity that will delight even the most experienced diver!
More About This Tape

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Need a distraction while you wait? Get out a pencil and piece of paper and start making a list of dive destinations you'd like to visit. Or draw your interpretation of a longlure frogfish devouring a squirrelfish.

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