Diver Personality Test

What kind of diver are you anyway?
The CoralRealm Diver Personality Test will help you find out!

Divers are different in fundamental ways.
Our motivations, purposes, aims, and needs are diverse. What "trips one diver's trigger" may not do anything for another. Just think about dive trips you've made and the variety of diver personalities you've encountered!

It's easy to analyze other divers' behavior, but what about our own? This question prompted us to create a questionnaire to help a diver assess his or her diving behaviors and preferences. No, this test isn't scientifically validated. It isn't based on Jung's theories or the four temperaments of Hippocrates, Adickes, Kretschmer, Spranger and Adler. We designed it just for the fun of it (and maybe for the value created from just a little personal introspection).

Twelve different diver profiles

The CoralRealm Diver Personality Profiler is based on years of diving with hundreds of people from all walks of life and from many corners of the world. We recognize that no two diver personalities are exactly alike. But we took creative liberty by combining the myriad of diver characteristics and behaviors into the 12 "diver profiles" we use for this assessment. If you've been diving for some time, we think you'll realize a little of your current or past behavior in each of the diver profiles we've created.

Put on your best sense of humor

Use the CoralRealm Diver Personality Profiler as we intend it to be used with a healthy sense of humor. There is no "right" or "wrong" profile. Each personality profile has its positive and negative characteristics. You may even find you are a combination of several profiles. (There's no need to dial up a psychologist for counseling unless all of your dive buddies really think you need it!)

Tempering the worst, enhancing the best

We hope this assessment helps divers become more aware of good and not-so-good diving behaviors in a fun way. In the longrun, we hope this information helps divers reflect on how they can modify their behaviors to become better dive companions and outstanding stewards of the environment.