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The right lighting is an essential aspect of an aquarium. Fish tanks are often situated in the corner of a room, away from natural light. 

To counter this, and give the tank enough light to look natural and to draw out the best in the plants and animals you need to get some lights. Aquarium plants and corals need enough of the correct lighting in the tank to be healthy and flourish. 

You also want to be able to show off your aquarium in its full glory, and to do so you need to light it up properly so you can get as much enjoyment from watching your fish as possible.

One of the best cheaper LED aquarium light models on the market is the Beamswork EA Timer FSPEC LED. In this review all the ins and outs of this model will be explained.


Beamswork EA FSPEC LED Aquarium Light Review

Beamswork EA FSPEC LED Aquarium Light Review


The design of this aquarium LED light is very modern and contemporary, so won’t look out of place in any aquarium. You may not think it but it does make a difference if you have a modern aquarium but an aged light. 

There are six different size options depending on the size of your tank, with the largest being 48 inches in length, and the smallest being 12 inches in length. Each option is the same width, at 5.2 inches. 

You want your aquarium to have full coverage of light, so get the one which will best fit your tank, or else you can buy multiple and arrange them accordingly.

Full Spectrum Lighting

Sunlight is a pretty magical thing; it comprises light of all different colors from the full spectrum which plants utilize to grow. 

Normal bulbs simply don’t recreate this, and unless your aquarium is in full sunlight all the time you need a light which can. 

This is what this aquarium LED light model does excellently. It is fitted with 10000K white LEDs to light up the tank, and being 10000K means your fish will look more vibrant than with other lights. There are also bulbs with cover Actinic 460nm, Red 620nm, and Green 520nm spectrums. This covers all bases so you can be sure that your plants and fish are benefiting fully.

Beamswork EA Timer FSPEC LED Aquarium Light Freshwwater Plant Extendable (120cm - 48')

The thing to note is that the Beamswork EA FSPEC LED Aquarium Light is a freshwater light only. It will not be effective at supplying the right spectrum for corals.

There are a smaller number of LED lights arranged in this model than others. This means that it works at a lower lumen, or brightness, than other units. While it still has full spectrum lighting to provide photosynthetically active light to your plants, plants which require high lighting may need a brighter version. Saying this, it will be perfect for plants such as Java Fern which require lower lighting as Java fern turning brown is a common issue.

The light may have trouble penetrating deep tanks, so be wary if you have a large tank. For small tanks or shallow tanks these lights are perfect.

Energy Consumption

LED lights are up to 90% more energy efficient than fluorescent lights, so you will save a lot of money in the long run as you will have the lights on for long periods.

It is worth noting that LED bulbs last considerably longer than fluorescent bulbs as well, so you need to do less maintenance and change them less often.

Lighting Modes

This aquarium LED light model has two lighting modes; daylight and moonlight. Having these two modes are great as it aims to recreate the natural light found during daylight hours and nighttime hours so your plants are kept as healthy as possible.

The daylight mode enables the full spectrum of light to be emitted, and full power to be allowed, so the LEDs are as bright as possible to imitate natural daylight. Moonlight mode dims the lights to emulate the moonlight you would find at night, whilst you still get the full spectrum lighting to stimulate plant growth and health.

It is per wired to be used with an optional timer module, which is sold separately unfortunately. This will enable you to set when you want the daylight and moonlight modes to be used. Otherwise you can just do it manually.

Power Supply

The adapter is compatible with any 110V to 220V power source. As this is an american brand, if you are purchasing this outside of the states you will need an adapter. Be a little wary though, as it is 24W, which is a little on the low side, so the adapter may become hot during use.


This aquarium LED light is a very simple and easy but great lighting choice for your tank. It possesses full spectrum and bright LED lights which will enhance your plants and keep them healthy and happy. 

You get two different light modes in daylight and moonlight, and a timer option if you are so inclined. The timer is sold separately which is a bit of a pain though, and sometimes the adapter can get hot when operational.

All in all though this is a very good light for your aquarium. It comes in multiple sizes as well which is great, as you can buy the one which perfectly fits your tank.

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