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Having an aquarium tank in the house is getting increasingly more popular. Looking at the ease of taking care of a tank, and the fact the an aquarium brightens up any room it’s not hard to see why. There are also major health benefits of keeping a fish tank.

Somewhat surprisingly, it’s easy to not realize that light is a vital part of an aquarium. Ambient sunlight isn’t enough to provide enough light to keep your aquarium plants and fish healthy and happy, or to make your fish tank look its best. Some of the best lights on the market are LED lights, and the Wills 165 Watt LED Aquarium Light can be counted amongst the best value for your money. 

WILLS Aquarium Light, Dimmable Full Spectrum Fish Tank Light with 3 Dimming Modes & 55 Premium SMD Chips, 165W LED Aquarium Plant Light for Saltwater Freshwater Coral Reef (21.3"x6.7"x2.4")
  • Intense Illumination - WILLS aquarium light can provide intense illumination, effortlessly penetrating the water surface and reaching every corner, including the sandbed. Enjoy a brilliantly lit aquatic environment. It is a perfect fit for tanks with a depth of 24" or less and a capacity of fewer than 57 gallons. The maximum coverage area is 36" x 36" x 36".
  • Full Spectrum - This fish tank light features a comprehensive full spectrum design that caters to the specific needs of plants and corals. Experience lush plant growth and vibrant coral colors.
  • Dual Dimming Channels - Customize your lighting experience with ease. The aquarium lights for fish tank is equipped with two dimming channels to meet the different needs of your corals, reef, and fish. It promotes the growth of any SPS and LPS flourished under it.
  • Premium SMD Chip Technology - Our LED aquarium light utilizes efficient and eco-friendly lighting with high-quality SMD chips. Enjoy bright, energy-saving illumination while minimizing environmental impact.
  • Quiet Cooling & Daisy Chain Design - The advanced cooling system of this coral light ensures efficient heat dissipation while maintaining quiet operation. Enjoy a peaceful and comfortable environment for both you and your aquatic inhabitants. The daisy chain design supports connecting up to five aquarium lights using the original power cord.


Wills 165 Watt LED Aquarium Light Review

WILLS 165 Watt LED Aquarium Light Review

In this complete Wills 165 Watt LED Aquarium Light review we will run over the key features of this brilliant LED light, and give our unbiased view on how this model holds up.


There are two size options available for the WILLS LED Aquarium Light; one size option is shorter but wider at 15.7 x 8.3 x 2.4 inches, and the second is longer and thinner at 21.3 x 6.7 x 2.4 inches. Measure your aquarium and see what size would most suit your tank. These lights are designed to be hung over the aquarium, so you can always use more than one!

This size of 165 Watt LED aquarium light is perfect for fish tanks of 57 gallons or less, and are perfect for depths of up to 24 inches.


Installation is very simple with the WILLS 165 Watt LED Aquarium Light. The only slightly awkward part is attaching the stainless steel hanging lines so that the light will be fitted over your fish tank.

Other than this you simply need to plug the LED light into the power outlet. What is very useful is that this light has a daisy chain design. This means that if you have a large aquarium which requires more than one light, you can install them in sequence. You don’t have to try and reach for another power outlet; up to five WILLS 165 Watt LED Aquarium Lights can be added in sequence. The lights can be connected with the power cord supplied.

90° Crystal Optical Lens

Only the highest quality LED light bulbs are used in this model. The LED bulbs produce high quality and high intensity lighting which illuminates the whole tank. The additional secondary 90° optical crystal lens enables even greater water penetration by the light wavelengths. This means that the water will be even clearer and brighter, and enable your tank to look as good as it can.

Full Spectrum Lighting

As previously mentioned, the ambient lighting in a room is  not enough to allow for sufficient and healthy growth of aquarium plants, and the fish will also suffer. Therefore having the correct strength  and spectrum of lighting is vitally important in providing the right stimulation for healthy growth in both your plants and corals.

LED lights have three main colors; red, blue, and white, which merge to form the complete light spectrum. The red light is important in promoting fish growth and enhancing theirs colors. The blue light enriches the color of the water, making it look more ethereal and also promotes coral growth. The white light helps to promote plant growth and also has a role in disinfecting too.

Two channels are set up with differing settings; the white channel and the blue channel.

The white channel is set up to be prefect for freshwater tank use. The combination of red light of 660nm, green light 520nm, warm white 2700K, and cool white 7000K helps to promote photosynthesis and growth in aquatic plants. 

The blue channel utilizes a combination of purple light 410nm, bluish violet 430nm, and blue light 460nm, which makes it perfect for saltwater reef use. The combination of these light wavelengths helps to promote coral growth by aiding in the adsorption of calcium carbonate and the synthesis of vitamin D3.

What is brilliant is that these two lighting channels can be controlled independently, as we will run through properly in the next section.

Dimmer modes

The WILLS 165 Watt LED Aquarium Light has two comes with 2 different dimmer switches, with one for each of the two light channels. These two dimmer switches give you full control over the blue and white lighting settings to gain the most functionality from the brightness and color settings. 

If you have both the white and blue channels open to the fullest, then you will be provided with the full spectrum output. This has been designed so that the PAR and Lumen coverage is balanced.

Cooling fans

As they are on all day every day, even aquarium LED lights get hot during use. The WILLS 165 Watt LED Aquarium Light has 2 built in active cooling fan systems to keep the lights cool. This prevents the system from overheating, and also is good for the fish in the aquarium, as too much heat is bad for their health.

This integrated cooling systems not only increases the efficiency of the light as a unit, but increases the lifespan of the model as it won’t be damaged from overheating.


The WILLS 165 Watt LED Aquarium Light does have a few glitches here and there,  but overall it is a very high quality lighting system which gives you control and is simple and very user friendly. If you aren’t one for fancy gadgets and just want something which gets the job done then this model is perfect for you. A real bonus with this model is the ability to link up multiple light units in series.

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