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Betta fish need well-filtered water, or if you don’t have a filter then it needs regular water changes, which is where betta water conditioners come in. There is quite a bit of misinformation out there about betta fish. While many websites and pet stores may say that betta fish require minimal upkeep, to keep bettas as healthy as they can be this isn’t actually the case.

If your betta fish tank is very small and doesn’t have a filter, then it will need regular water changes to keep the betta happy. Bettas also need a minimum of a 2.5 gallon tank to be in rude health, and even with a filter the water needs changing on a regular basis. Read our article on can betta fish live in a bowl? for more information on what tank you should be keeping your betta in.

When you do a water change you need to be careful as tap water contains dangerous chemicals such as chlorine and ammonia which are deadly to fish. Thankfully there is an easy way to remove these dangerous substances from the water.

Water conditioners work to rid tap water of these dangerous chemicals, and make the water safe for your betta and other fish. There are many different water conditioners on the market, so hopefully this article helps you choose the best water conditioner for you and your betta.


6 Best Betta Water Conditioners – 2021 Guide

The following table lists the best betta water conditioners available on the market today, so you can easily see which are available and where to purchase them. Read on further  in this article to read our reviews of each of these products and also our recommendation, and how to use a betta water conditioner.

Best Betta Water Conditioner Reviews

6 Best Betta Water Conditioner

1. Api Complete Aquarium Betta Water Conditioner

  • Contains one (1) SPLENDID BETTA COMPLETE WATER CONDITIONER Water Conditioner 1.25-Ounce Bottle
  • Neutralizes chlorine, chloramines, ammonia and other chemicals to make tap water safe for betta fish
  • Prevents tap water chemicals from causing gill destruction, tissue irritation and fish death
  • Formulated with aloe vera to and green tea extract to reduce inflammation and help heal fish
  • Use when starting a new Betta bowl or aquarium and when changing water

This is a great betta water conditioner by Api, who have a great reputation in the aquarium sphere and have many great products. 

This water conditioner removes all toxins from regular tap water, including chlorine, chloramine, ammonia, and heavy metals. This makes the tap water perfectly safe for your betta fish.

What sets this water conditioner apart from the rest is the aloe vera and green tea extract which is present. This helps to heal your fish and reduce inflammation and disease. Even if your fish aren’t unhealthy, it will give them a much needed boost.

Clear and precise instructions are included, so you won’t have any problems in using this product, and makes this water conditioner well worth the small price tag it has.

2. SunGrow Betta Water Conditioner

SunGrow Betta Water Starter
  • Effective, Ready To Use Water Conditioner For Betta --- Betta are known for being able to survive in small spaces, but in order for your betta to be...
  • Neutralizes City And Well Water --- If you are using tap water to fill your betta fish tank, it is crucial that you use a water conditioner. City...
  • Calms Your Betta Fish --- There are many situations where betta might feel stressed. All good betta owners know that lowering fish stress is the key...
  • Includes Highly Beneficial Aloe Vera Extract --- Our formula used in the SunGrow Aquarium Water Starter for Betta Fish includes the powerful and...

This water conditioner by SunGrow instantly rids tap water of chlorine, chloramine, ammonia, nitrates, and heavy metals to make it safe for your betta fish.

This product contains aloe vera which promotes healing and regeneration of damaged tissues. Stress can result in the loss of the fish’s protective slime coat, which makes them more susceptible to infection. Aloe vera also aids in the production of the slime coat to protect your fish from disease.

This water conditioner requires one cap of liquid per 2 gallons of tap water. This equates to 5ml of conditioner. If you notice any damage to your fish you can increase the dose up to double, to help to improve the slime coat.

3. Zoo Med Betta Water Conditioner

Zoo Med Betta H2O Conditioner,0.5 oz
  • Removes chloramines and chlorine
  • Detoxifies nitrite and heavy metals
  • Relieves stress
  • Promotes healing
  • Works instantly

Working instantly to remove chloramines and chlorine, and to detoxify nitrates and heavy metals, this water conditioner by Zoo Med instantly makes tap water safe for your betta fish.

The amount you need is clear on the back of the product, and it has a dropper bottle which makes it accurate and easy to add the correct number of drops. 

This product is quite concentrated, so you need less per gallon than other brands. This helps make the liquid last longer.

It also helps to promote healing and remove stress, so your betta fish will be happy if you choose this product. 

4. API Betta Water Conditioner

API Betta Water Conditioner
  • Contains one (1) API BETTA WATER CONDITIONER Betta Fish Freshwater Aquarium Water Conditioner 1.7-Ounce Bottle
  • Neutralizes chlorine, chloramines, ammonia and other chemicals to make tap water safe for betta fish
  • Prevents tap water chemicals from causing gill destruction, tissue irritation and fish death
  • Formulated with aloe vera to and green tea extract to reduce inflammation and help heal fish
  • Use when starting a new Betta bowl or aquarium and when changing water

The second betta water conditioner by API on this list, which is no surprise as API has 50 years of history making great aquarium products. 

This product is slightly more concentrated than the other water conditioner by API, so you need less conditioner to make tap water safe.

It is also formulated using aloe vera and green tea extract, which works to promote healing and reducing inflammation in your bettas.

This product works instantly to neutralizes chlorine, chloramines, ammonia and other chemicals to make any tap water safe for your betta fish. This prevents these chemicals from  causing gill destruction, tissue irritation and even the death of your betta.

5. Tetra BettaSafe Water Conditioner Kit

Tetra is a well known company who have been making high quality aquarium products for years, so you know that all their products have been tried and tested and have great reputations.

BettaSafe water conditioner has an all-in-one formula that works to neutralize chlorine, chloramines, heavy metals, and detoxifies ammonia in tap water. This instantly makes the tap water safe for your betta.

This water conditioner also features a unique blend of beneficial minerals not present in tap water which work to increase vitality and activity of your betta fish. They give them a much needed boost. 

Advanced biopolymers which are found in the natural world are also included in the water conditioner. These biopolymers are produced by organisms such as kelp, and help to support beneficial bacteria in the substrate and filter media. 

These added minerals and biopolymers do not pollute the tank, but instead work to increase the health of your fish and reduce cloudiness by strengthening the beneficial bacteria. 

6. Aqueon Betta Bowl Plus Water Conditioner 

Aqueon Aquarium Fish Tank Betta Bowl Plus Water Conditioner, 4 Ounce
  • Use when filling aquarium with tap water or performing water changes
  • Instantly makes tap water safe for fish
  • Supplement for fish that have been stressed, transported or netted
  • Detoxifies heavy metals, ammonia and other elements that are released from fish waste
  • Convenient dosage cap is included - Add 5mL (1 tsp) for every 1 gallon of temperature adjusted tap or purified water

This betta water conditioner by Aqueon was designed and formulated specifically for smaller betta bowls and tanks where water circulation and filtration is limited. 

It neutralizes the chlorine and chloramines found in tap water, making it safe for water changes and replacements.

It also contains trace elements to help promote proper health, and so will also aid in bringing out the best color in your fish and aid in slime coat regeneration. A healthy slime coat on the skin and gills will help to prevent infection and diseases in your fish.

This water conditioner also helps to reduce levels of stress in your fish, allowing them to feel more comfortable in their surroundings.

Our Recommendation for Best Betta Water Conditioner

While any of the listed products will work for decontaminating tap water to enable you to complete water changes quickly and easily, two of the clear fan favorites are the Api Complete Aquarium Betta Water Conditioner and the Tetra Bettasafe Water Conditioners.

Api Complete Aquarium Betta Water Conditioner

Both Api and Tetra are companies with a long history in making high quality products. Both of these betta water conditioners work to neutralize chlorine, chloramines, heavy metals and ammonia in tap water. 

They also both have nutrients which work to keep your betta healthy and with a good slime coating. Tetra Bettsafe also has biopolymers which benefits the good bacteria in your tank.

Methods of Using Betta Water Conditioner 

Using Betta Water Conditioner

Water conditioner removes and neutralizes the dangerous chemicals present in tap water, making it safe to use in your tank. 

While distilled water can be used, it doesn’t contain the minerals which are beneficial to your betta which many water conditioners have.

No matter if you are setting up your new tank or just undergoing a regular water change, any time you put water into your tank you should add a water conditioner to the water you put it to ensure the safety of your fish.

Most water conditioners recommend using half a teaspoon, or 2.5ml per gallon of water, but keep an eye on the instructions and ensure to stick with the guidelines as laid out by the manufacturer.

You only want to be changing a maximum of 25% of the water in your tank at once. This is to keep the beneficial bacteria in the tank ecosystem alive through the water change, and to keep your fish from going into shock with the new water. Beneficial bacteria is very important in the tank ecosystem; don’t underestimate it!!

If you have a bowl or a very small tank with no filtration system, then you want to be doing these 25% water changes once per week, with a full water change about once a month. 

As larger tanks will have a filtration system and work with bacteria to maintain the tank ecosystem they don’t really require a full water change, unless the tank truly requires it.

When you change the water in your tank you want the new water to be the same temperature as the old water. Use a thermometer to check, and you can use a heater if the water is too cold. If the water is too hot then leave it to cool for a time.

When it comes to putting the new water in, it is better to take the betta out of the tank first. Betta fish like slow moving water, so being buffeted by a lot of new water coming in can stress them. Keep them in a tub which is filled with the old water while you add the new stuff, and allow the water in the tank to calm down before you then add the betta back into its tank.

If you are cleaning the tank, remember to only use the tank water to clean the ornaments and filter media. Do not use soap, as soap is notoriously hard to get rid of and any residue can be very harmful to your betta.

How Much Water Conditioner Should You Use For Betta Fish?

There will be set instructions for each water conditioner you buy. Different companies may make their water conditioner to suit different tanks. Companies often have different concentrations of chemicals which have different requirements.

As a standard general rule though, you will be wanting to use around eight drops of water conditioner per pint of water, which equates to 16 drops per quart, or half a teaspoon per gallon.

As we have said though, always follow the guidelines as laid out by the manufacturers for the final instructions.


Changing the water in your aquarium is a crucial part of keeping your tank clean and healthy. Equally important in keeping your tank clean is to use an aquarium vacuum cleaner to clean the substrate and remove debris. You can also look into installing a UV sterilizer which kills bacteria and viruses which could cause disease.

Water conditioner works to rid tap water of the dangerous chemicals. These chemicals can otherwise seriously harm or kill your betta fish. You should use a betta water conditioner every time you add new water into the tank.

You should be changing the water at least once a week. Any less than this and you are opening up your betta to risk of infection. A betta water conditioner helps to make the water change quick and easy. While using one of these products also ensures the safety and health of your fish. 

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