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The EHEIM Classic External Canister Filter always comes up in the conversation of the best external filters. Aquarium buffs get excited about this model as they say it doesn’t just get the job done, but gets the job done well.

These aquarium enthusiasts say that they are happy with the functionality of this filter. To see if this is the right fit for you and your best fish tank read on and find out more info on the EHEIM canister filter.

EHEIM Classic External Canister Filter with Media
  • Permo-elastic silicon sealing ring fixed on the pump head for easy and safe closing after cleaning
  • Equipped with filter sponges and/or loose filter media
  • Accessories included: spray bar, inlet pipe, hose and installation accessories
  • Comes complete with filter media (EHEIM Mech & Substrat Pro) and valves


EHEIM Classic External Canister Filter Review

EHEIM Classic External Canister Filter Review

Design and Construction

This model has a classic design; solid, sturdy, and reliable. This classic construction is a major plus point for many​ aquarium enthusiasts. All the pieces of this model are of the highest quality, whereas some filters only have a few high quality parts. 

The clamps of this filter are composed of stainless steel. These clamps war very important; they prevent the filter wobbling and vibrating when turned on by locking the motorhead in position. These stainless steel clamps have much better functionality and durability than the plastic clamps found in other filters.

All in all the EHEIM Classic External Canister Filter is the model of German precision! As you would expect

Setup and Installation

All good manufacturers ensure that the setup process is simple and easy to make their filter more accessible for aquarium newbies. It’s no different with the EHEIM filter. If you’ve assembled an aquarium filter before you’ll find the assembly a piece of cake, but if you’re a complete newbie you may find it a bit more challenging. The manufacturers manual is a bit lacking in easy to follow guidelines. There aren’t any pictures in there which makes it a bit more confusing too. However there are plenty of materials, such as videos, inline to guide you through the setup process.

Flow Rate

The EHEIM filter fulfils it’s promise of a high flow rate. It is very energy efficient, and uses less power while still maintaining the high flow rate. While other filters only provide 50% of the flow rate that is advertised, this filter gives the full flow rate as is advertised. This makes this filter very good to use and ensures your aquarium will be clean.

Impressive Capacity

There are five different models to choose from. As it is a German company the capacities are calculated in litres. They are designed for aquariums of 50-150, 80-250, 120-350, 180-600, and 300-1500 litres. This equates to aquariums of 13-40, 20-66, 32-92, 48-159, and 79-396 Gallons. 

Depending on what size tank you have you can choose the filter with the capacity to suit your aquarium. Just have a look at the different models and choose which one is the best fit.

Low Noise Level

Noisy aquarium filters are a no go for most aquarium enthusiasts. You’re in luck then that the EHEIM filter delivers a noiseless environment that enables you to be in and even work in the same room without getting frustrated and angry! The level of noise it produces when operational is so minimal tat you might not even realize it’s on!


The EHEIM filter does the filtration process similarly, but differently to most other filters on the market. Whilst these models still have the classic three media baskets, biological, chemical, and mechanical filtration, the filtration is instead done utilizing a substrate pro media and EHEIM Mech which is critical in dispersing water and trapping larger debris.

With this filtration system in place inside the canister you can have peace of mind in he knowledge that it is extremely difficult or and dirt and filth to get through the filter.

The great thing is that you don’t need to purchase the filter media separately; everything you need to get to get this canister filter up and running is included in the package.

EHEIM Classic External Canister Filter filter media


First time cleaning may pose a few problems as it can be a but confusing, but just ensure you refer to the manufacturers manual and follow the instructions and you won’t go wrong. The manual with give you the procedure to follow so you don’t damage your filter during cleaning and maintenance.

As there aren’t the classic filter media trays in the main canister of this filter cleaning is a little more difficult. With filter media trays you can easily remove them, but it may get a little messy with the EHEIM Classic External Canister Filter. So make sure that you clean this aquarium filter over a bucket!


The EHEIM Classic External Canister Filter stands out of the crowd for its silent operational noise level and the filtration media. This filter will do the job very nicely for your aquarium. If you think that it will suit your tank, buy it today.

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