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The company Hydor is well known to both professional aquarists and hobbyists. They have been in business since the 80s and have gained a well-earned reputation of manufacturing extremely high quality and innovative products.

The Hydor Professional External Canister Filter is no different, and offers exciting attributes and features which will make your aquarium safer, cleaning, and overall better functioning!

In this review we will give the rundown of the Hydor Professional External Canister Filter and highlight the features and functions you will find, so you can put the hype to one side and make up your own mind.


Hydor Professional External Canister Filter Review

Hydor Professional External Canister FilterConstruction 

Aquarium filters are normally one of, if not the most expensive bits of equipment you need to successfully run your tank. Therefore you want to know that the filter isn’t going to buckle under the pressure of maintaining your tank.

This filter is designed to be very solid and durable. You can tell if a product is well made just by handling it, and this filter is no exception. When you first pick it up you’ll be able to tell that it is extremely well made. It is very able to handle all the pressure that comes with filtration of a large amount of aquarium water.

It features a four locking clamp system that is used by Hydor filters, which ensures the motor stays working correctly by offering more support and preventing slipping and movement. 

The four clamp system also ensures there are no leaks as they seal the edges of the system tightly. 


Hydor filters are very easy to setup and the installation process is simple. If you are a beginner aquarist or new to the hobby then this is a big plus.

The instruction manual is very simple to understand, so there’s no confusion like you sometimes get with other makes of filter. Read through it properly to ensure you install the mountings and tubing correctly. 

The guidelines say the average installation time is 30 minutes, so you’ll have the filter set up and working very quickly.

A very handy feature is that the inlet and outlet connectors can swivel and turn freely, so they are very easy to connect from a variety of angles which makes the mounting process a lot easier. This also allows you freedom to place the filter wherever you wish. 

Flow Rate And Capacity 

Flow rate is the volume of water in gallons that passes through a system in an hour. The higher the flow rate the more water will be passing through the aquarium filter. 

Therefore in general a higher flow rate is better than a lower one, as a good flow rate ensures that the tank is kept clean and healthy. The Hydor Professional External Canister Filter offers a flow rate that ranges between 190 and 345 gallons per hour depending on which size model you choose. 

This is a high flow rate, which caters for aquariums of between 20 to 150 gallons. You can be sure and safe in the knowledge that you are getting the required power to filter your aquarium successfully. Depending on the size of your tank you can get the appropriate filter. 

Low Operational Noise 

Humming noises and distracting annoying sounds are a thing of the past with this filter. Sometimes you have to check it’s even switched on! 

If you ask any aquarium owner what a key factor is in their decision to buy, they’ll say silent operation. It really is a key aspect. Think about how irritating having a loud ticking clock is. A loud filter can be as bad as that, so having silent operation is a very big bonus.

Filtration Media 

The filter is very versatile in terms of the filtration media. You are able to configure the media baskets any way you like. The smallest model has two media trays, while the largest has five media trays. 

In with the Hydor Professional External Canister Filter you will find a Fine Mechanical Pad, a Coarse Mechanical Pad, and sintered quartz BIO-rings included. Hydor activated saltwater carbon, hydor activated freshwater carbon, and zeolite aren’t included, but you can find them by following the links.

If you wish you can always buy your own aquarium filter media as well. With the three different media types, mechanical, chemical, and biological your aquarium will be as clean as it ever has been. The two different types of mechanical media catch coarse and fine detritus and debris. The biological media promotes beneficial bacterial growth which removes toxins, and the chemical media removes odors and pollutants.

Ease Of Maintenance 

It is easy to forget about maintenance when purchasing an aquarium filter. Maintenance is an annoying but vital thing you need to do to keep your filter working efficiently and properly. This process is made much easier when the model is simply to open! 

This is another tick in the box of the Hydor Professional External Canister Filter. It is simple and easy to clean without making a mess. First thing first, ensure the supply hose is in place to stop water leakage. Also make sure to properly clean the impeller too during maintenance.


The Hydor Professional External Canister Filter is a high capacity filter with a high flow rate and large media trays. There are multiple sizes of this filter available so you can choose the option most suited to your aquarium. 

The setup is very easy and simple, and you should be up and running in around 30 minutes. A safe locking system provides safety from leaks and knocks. It is very easy to maintain. It is also provided with an easy to use priming system. You should be wary of disconnecting valves however as leaks are most likely to occur around those areas.

This aquarium filter will do the job of keeping your tank clean very effectively. Translucent in design, it is easy to see the water level. All in all, it is a very effective and well made filter. If you think this filter is for you, go ahead and buy it now.

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